Business Advisory

Making the right decision at the right time has always been a challenge to all businesses. Our team can help you achieve this by offering advisory services which cohere with your core business functions taking into account the relevant legislation in today’s highly-regulated marketplace.
Our involvement in the decision making function helps in identifying the problems and challenges being faced by your organisation, developing a diagnostic framework to assess the alternative solutions, and in providing you with the right action plan.
The key business advisory services offered by our firm include:
Business Valuations
Business valuations are widely described as being an art rather than a science, since different valuation models are available which yield different results. Selecting the most appropriate model requires highly technical skills and experience to arrive at the appropriate economic value of an owner’s interest in the various scenarios which also include the geographical location and economic environment in which the business operates. The need for business valuations arises in a variety of circumstances, mainly during business acquisitions and mergers, sale of a going concern business and litigation.
Business Plans
Planning is one of the pillars of each business function and an important key to success. Business plans are important tools in the decision-making process involving the formation of goals and successively the formulation of a plan which would help in achieving the predetermined goals.

Business plans apply both to for-profit and not-for–profit organisations and can be either internally or externally focused. Business plans as decision making tools can be applied in the following processes, amongst others:
  • Total Quality Management (TQM);
  • Management by objective;
  • Strategic planning.
Preparing a business plan requires a breadth of expertise from different business disciplines. The firm is well positioned to service clients requiring experience of professionals from various sectors and disciplines.
Due Diligence
Due diligence in the business world encompasses the investigation of an enterprise or a specific business function. Due diligence can prove to be a useful tool to both existing and potential investors in assessing a potential investment in relation to the risk tolerance and investment strategy.
Our team is capable of providing you with reports which help you as an investor make the right decision.

Raising of Finance
Cash is the lifeblood of each business and hence requires proper handling. Companies require proper financial management to meet their working capital requirements and to take advantage of new business opportunities. For small and medium size enterprises proper financial management can be a challenge since it requires specialised skills.
Our specialised team can help you in managing your company’s finances by determining an appropriate level of gearing. Our team can also help in selecting the most appropriate type of financing which can take various forms such as an overdraft, loans, and discounting.